- Mark Logan, Director (Solitary, Rats, Tom Came Home)

- Beth, Model

I've had the pleasure of working with Mike on set shooting with my daughter a couple of times now, with plenty more to come. Such a friendly and approachable guy, so easy to get along with, he made everything so relaxed and enjoyable and works with you to make sure you get the results you want.

We discussed lots of ideas before hand and we exchanged images, makeup ideas and outfits to work with on the shoot. Mike is also great at guiding you and shows you the images whilst shooting interacting with the model and keeping up the energy.

The images we have received from both shoots are fantastic, I couldn't recommend Mike enough, we can't wait to work with him again.

Debbie and Bethany xx

Mike produced some wonderful photos that have really made a significant difference to our brand. With his lens he managed to capture who we are and how we feel about what we do. Apart from his keen eye, he is a solid professional -  timely, well-organised and responsive. Thanks again Mike!

I was fortunate enough to have Mike agree to take stills photography on my latest short horror project, Remnant. 
On set, I found Mike to be a highly motivated, skilled photographer with a keen eye and a knack for catching people at their best. He manages to capture those little moments that others would miss and adds a level of depth to the stills that go beyond simple point and click. 
He is conscientious and always pushes to achieve the shots he wants, whether that's the Behind-The-Scenes images or for the press pack/promo stills. 

To top it all off, he's a thoroughly lovely guy and a joy to have on set. 

I would have absolutely no hesitation in working with Mike again and hope to get the opportunity to do that very thing in the near future. 

It's always nice to hear what people think of you and your work, and here are some of the kind words from people I have worked for.

- Jessica Messenger, Actress

Mike is a wonderful person to work with.

From the minute we decided on a date, he took time in listening to what I wanted to achieve and he dedicated a lot of time to research and pulled together images for inspiration. I had suggested time and time again that I was nervous and inexperienced in the taking of still images and when I got to the location, Mike was able to put me at ease quickly. He worked in a way that built my confidence and knowing I was not great at taking control of the shoot, was able to direct me whenever it was needed.

Mike has an array of cameras, lenses and equipment, so has the ability to capture all types of images tailored to you. The shoot was relaxed, fun but focused. Time ran away and before we knew it, we were 600 shots down! I would suggest Mike to anyone I know, 10/10!!

I first worked with Mike Shawcross on Andy Stewart's Remnant. I remember being blown away by Mike's attention to detail and his ability to get killer shots in a super quick turnaround. I knew that no matter what, I had to have Mike onboard for my neo-noir horror/thriller Retribution.

Mike came to Ireland in November of 2015 for the two day shoot and instantly gelled with the team. Mike was so supportive and not only took amazing BTS, Promotional Stills and Cast/Group shots - on several occasions he actually gave suggestions on shots for the film which really upped our game.

Mike Shawcross is in my humble opinion one of the best BTS/Stills photographers out there. I cannot wait to work with him again, as not only is he one of the most talented in his field, he's also an incredibly nice guy and a valuable asset to any film production.

We hired Mike to capture our staff Summer party and from start to finish the service was first class.

Having Mike at our summer party added a little glamour to the night and his photo booth was the perfect place to get some really fun photos. He never got in the way of the action and managed to put together a great album for us to remember the night and its best moments, we will be having him back next year!

- Katie Bonham, Director (The Paper Round, Mindless, Mab)

I was lucky enough to have Mike work as the on-set photographer on my most recent short, The Package. He not only produced some truly outstanding shots but was excellent on and around the set.

He captured all the right moments at the right times, never interrupted a scene and got along with the whole cast and crew. It’s these other bits with having an on-set photographer that I value as much as the quality of the images they produce.

Only with Mike you get the added bonus that he captures not just sumptuous shots but fantastic memories of the film shoot. He really managed to get the vibe we had on set in each and every image.

I would use Mike again in a heartbeat!

- Dominic Friel
Senior Trainer and Client Relations Manager for Turkey

- - Sarah Angel, Model

- - Pete Gustard, Seashaped

- Paddy Murphy, Director ( The Three Don'ts, The Cheese Box, Framed)

I've lost count of the number of films and bits Ive worked on with Mike - quite a few so far. With each project I've been able to have total confidence in the quality of photographs and workmanship that came from each set and this has enabled me to take the rough concepts & ideas and create the poster designs.

While it would be easy to say its great to work with someone who knows what they are doing, it is (to be blunt) a total godsend to know and work with someone who is so consistently dependable AND also has an eye himself for image composition and design. Sometimes he is able to see things I don't (because I'm not there) and because of this a number of posters have been generated from images I would never of thought of because Mike had the forethought to take the time and grab the photo on set. Its always a pleasure working with someone this good and who pushes you to strive to be the best you can be. I hope that in years to come Im still working with him on projects.

More than that, I'm getting married next year - it was a no brainer who to hire as a photographer.

What People Say

Too many people overlook the value of having a stills photographer on set.

Those beautiful stills you see released with some films these days don't come from snaps you take on your phone and those clear crisp candid shots can't be extracted from your footage. You need someone on set dedicated to capturing the experience and creating that a vital part to you press kit!

Mike is the perfect person to do this for you.
We have now had Mike present on several sets and he has always been able to capture a great mix of candid BTS shots and some stunning stills.

We've also had Mike as several promotional / screening events and he's like the proverbial fly on the wall but instead of secrets it's brilliant images he takes away with him and presents to us.

His turn around time for images is as exceptional as his presence on set.

- - Andy Stewart, Director (Ink, Split, Dismophia)

Over 20 yrs i performed as an actor on many credited TV and Film productions. I have worked with some amazing crew members under many notable directors.

As  a stills photographer on a film production set Mike Shawcross has proven to be of the highest calibre, not just in his role but also as a person.

Wonderful personality, fantastic stills photographer who really understands the mechanics of a set both internally  and externally.

- Liz Edgar-Owens, Britannia Hotels

- - John Lynch, Graphic Designer

- Candice Redford (Producer, Make Up Artist)

- Vortre Williams, Director (Sticky Times)

- Damon Rickard, Director (The Tour, The Package )

Mike was our production photographer for the video shoot for the first single from our new album 'Children of the Universe'.

He's a very talented photographer with a completely disarming approach to dealing with people, who gets stuck in, has an eye for very candid shots and from a point of view of getting material you might need, completely delivers.
Not only did he provide an exceptional set of stills for us to use in promoting the new album, but he even extended himself into the production manager role for our shoot... and I'm sure he even made us all a brew at some point :-)

Next video shoot, Mike booked, oh yes

From the very off with my first short film I knew that I wanted and needed both quality poster designs and quality still and behind the scenes photos to promote my projects. Mike was my choice on that first shoot and I have never looked back.

With every project I have done since he has been there. Each time the results have got better and better to the point where he now intuitively gets shots that I haven't even thought of. I know that with minimal input from me he will achieve incredible promotional shots, allowing me to concentrate on the other million jobs of a film director.

I often say, only half joking, that giving Mike his first gig as set photographer has been my biggest single contribution to Indie Film-making. In the 18 months since shooting that first project he has been on shoots for several directors and everyone who works with him wants him on their next project.

I will always go to Mike first to offer him the next project and hopefully he'll continue to bring his talent and perspective to my films for years to come.

Mike is one of the best BTS photographers I have ever worked with, and this year alone we have worked on a total of 6 film sets together (Lucky guy).

He is creative, original and silent as a mouse as he moves from department to department as he captures the essence of the film. From cast to crew he is always on hand with his camera ready and waiting to catch the ‘money’ shots. His work is always of such high quality that I use his photography for not only the BTS but also for the film’s promotional packs and official film poster.

Mike creates timeless and iconic stills every time.

Oh and he is also one of the nicest and dependable people you will ever work with.

Mike is the perfect mixture of professional and nice!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on an edgy fashion shoot, and look forward to future shoots. His lighting brings the best out of me, he's creative and explorative, he's easy to work with and we got beautiffulll results. Brilliant shoot!